Twin Peaks. USC. 1/27.

TrojanVision parts One & Two.

"Twin Peaks is a continuing story, and that's from both David & me." - Mark Frost 1/27/13


Miguel said...

I heard a rumor on FB that Lynch and Frost will do a new series to be broadcast on Netflix, and cast will include Diane Ladd and Laura Dern. I didn't even know Netflix did original series, but it definitely makes sense. I wonder how much of a budget they could really have for a Netflix series, if the rumor has any truth to it.

Miguel said...

I read a rumor on FB that the new series will be broadcast on Netflix and will include Laura Dern and Diane Ladd in the cast. Do you have any insight Jerry?

Jerry Horne said...

I hadn't even heard that one! Remember, Lynch and Frost are good at keeping secrets. Nothing will leak out before they announce something.