Twin Peaks Deleted Scene: Josie, Harry & Pete

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hi there!, somebody should make a post called "Josie`s Screts", where her biggest secret is her feelings for Harry; I believe. Pete and them they look here so happy together in this deleted scene..., and I`m pretty sure that she could be very happy with Harry, if she came out with her dark side to him. but also she looks too creepy and sad to me in it. to many secrets for such a fragile girl who at her real bottom self was a cold-blooded conniving, manipulative liar and killer. but her creepiest moments are when she`s in silence, looking deeply at herself in front of a mirror. like BOB does. could she be an inhabitant from the Lodges?, or a survivor from them?.

such a great job from Joan Chen. sorry for my English writing. great blog and greetings from Buenos Aires, the city where Phillip Jeffries was checking in a hotel. elias.