The Richard Beymer Collection. Part Two.


AparecidaProtectUs said...

Wow. Thank you TPA.

Richard Beymer, the man who prefers to stay behind the camera. If only he had done some self-portraits of himself in character as Ben Horne & ... himself. His MySpace looks abandoned - I hope we hear whether we can ever buy some of these prints.

How are you guys doing? Sorry I haven't been around much - horrible job that's killing me.

Job: Hi Tonya. We kill you, long time.

Tonya: I gotta get outta here!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics, as always! What's odd is that the little guy in the first picture doesn't look like Little Mike (Anderson). Could he have had a "stunt" double?

Jerry Horne said...

Tonya - Despite stating in the past that he would, I just don't think Beymer seems interested in sharing or selling his Twin Peaks photos. Shame.

Jlyon - Thank you. I've always assumed he was a 'Stand-In'.