Invitation To Love

Twin Peaks Archive recently had a chat with Lance Davis who played 'Chet' in Lucy's (and many of the other residents of Twin Peaks it seems) favorite soap, Invitation To Love. Lance's professor at the Guthrie in Minnesota was none other than Warren Frost! Bob Engels was also a good friend. Lance told us that Mark Frost directed all the ITL scenes in the Frank Lloyd Wright house in Los Feliz.

"One story I heard about why Invitation was cancelled was that it was on video and David hated video. That might not be true. Equally valid that it was just an expensive item to keep a whole parallel TV universe on the payroll. One of the things I liked was that as I recall I had them use the name "Martin Padley" as "Chet" in the credits for "Invitation". Martin's my wife's uncle. Just another layer of the onion. I also like my reaction to the gunshot. When we shot it they handed me the gun and I should have realized when everyone held their ears that it would be loud but I didn't so it looks as if Chet isn't really all that concerned with shooting somebody but that it hurt his ears."


AparecidaProtectUs said...

I have never been a real fan of soap operas, though I did used to watch (a very long time ago) the Young & the Restless before it became a parody of itself.

Those soap scenes though, of Invitation to Love, made me guffaw every time they came on during Twin Peaks. Very effective (wasn't Leo watching it at one point while in the wheelchair?). Seems like Lucy wasn't the only one.

Unknown said...

Wow! Do you have a copy of this footage? I've been looking for this for years!

Anonymous said...