Commissioned Twin Peaks Pieces

Special thanks to Kyosuke!

"...some look the same but the floor will be different. The base has a cover that allows it to change from a wooden floor to the striped floor. The badge is magnetic and sticks to Coopers hip/belt. The micro cassette is removable from the voice recorder. The customer chose the Realistic Micro-27 version which is what I reproduced in 1/11th scale (7" scale/NECA Scale). The Laura Palmer autopsy report folder features to scale paper clips. The town map folder and other logos were created using a combination of photoshop and MS Paint."

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Oooooooooh, now this is fun! I like.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! They are a unique private collection or will go on sale?

Abetos spain

Anonymous said...

WOW, these are incredible!