Breaking: 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks' Is Available For Pre-Order!! (UPDATE: Audio CD Version To Be Released)

We have just learned that Mark Frost's upcoming novel with the working title of 'The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks', is now up for pre-order and has a new title of 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks'!!

"From the co-creator of the landmark television series Twin Peaks comes a novel that deepens the mysteries of that iconic town in ways that not only enrich the original series but readies fans for the upcoming Showtime episodes."

Constantly updated links and information below:

**UPDATE** An audio CD version of the book has been added by Amazon US!!

-Official website is HERE. Expect more exclusive content soon.
-Press release is HERE.
-Includes over 100 two-color illustrations and photographs!
-9x7 inches
-Ebook confirmed

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Wow, i'm so exited about the whole Twin Peaks "revival". Feelin' like a child before christmas every time I think of it:-)