The Entire Mystery.

All things must pass. Whilst up in Washington watching the filming of the new Twin Peaks, we heard through the grapevine that David Lynch was unpleased that fans were taking photos of the filming and uploading them to various sites on the internet. Even though everyone I witnessed was being courteous and staying on public sidewalks etc, apparently this was just too much for Lynch. So, we decided to abide by Mr. Lynch's wishes. We will post stills of the filming process once the final episode of the series airs. I know many of you are disappointed by this, but hey, it is what it is.


Michael Philip Wells said...

I can absolutely respect his stance - there are already mild spoilers leaking out from some of the photos. It might be a quixotic quest to try to stop it completely - they had to work overtime to stop leaks even 25 years ago, more or less pre-internet - but it's a worthwhile effort.

This policy/request, if it's even moderately effective, will also be helpful for those of us who want to remain unspoiled for the next year or more until the airing, which might be difficult even if my willpower were stronger than it is. Less temptation, less stumbling.

Tweef Manacre said...


Unknown said...

Oh goodness. I was really enjoying these updates. But hey i guess good things come to those who wait. Can not wait for the new season!