"It's a Beautiful World" - A Film By Richard Beymer.

Latest news from producer Rob Wilson:

"Thanks for everyone's interest in Richard's film! We've been working on it steadily since 2010 and through many twists and turns, we're really happy with how it's turned out. We're still working out the kinks in how it would be distributed, but want people worldwide to be able to see it at the same time. We're leaning toward Video On Demand and website where it could either rented/streamed or downloaded in HD. What do you guys think? Our intention is to release it before the end of the year and we're hoping for November. Lastly, Richard is planning on including a bonus short film he shot while attending the Twin Peaks Fest-- it's fun and (since Richard's POV is our POV in the film) it gives you an idea what it must be like to be a guest."

"More info as we have it... And thanks again for everything."


Martin said...

This project looks fantastic… can’t wait to see it, brilliant idea. Format wise, for me personally, I’d prefer an HD download, at a reasonable price! Good luck, Martin.

Keith Chester said...

Please release on Blueray.