'Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks' - Book Review

Freshly released from Intellect Books, 'Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks' is the latest in a series of books that deal with cult television shows such as Star Trek, Batman, Star Wars etc. The template has clearly been set but is it worth your money? This book is rather odd. I wouldn't exactly call it a cash grab, but it seems to have a "let's throw it at the wall and see what sticks" mantra. The book mostly has essays ranging from merchandising to FWWM. There are numerous factual errors and typos. Chapter four on the cultural artifacts of Twin Peaks wonders if there had been a third season would Tim and Tom's Taxidermy (from the Access Guide) have played a role in the narrative, never mind the fact that a scene was shot late in the series only to be cut. Oh and Tim Pinkle is in many episodes of the second season. Typos such as Paul K. Shimatsu-U (No, it's Paula) don't really bother us, after all these things do happen. It's the haphazard manor in which the book was put together that really makes us wonder, just whom is this book targeted at? Hardcore fans? New fans? We're still not sure.

There are some bright spots. David Bushman's essay is clearly a cut above average and Scott Ryan and Joshua Minton's piece is well thought out and makes good reading.

For completists only.

Grade: C-

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