Twin Peaks Gazette Prototype Prop Issue

We continue our series of Twin Peaks artifact discoveries with this prototype issue of the 'Twin Peaks Gazette'. Well that's what it says on the cover anyway. On the inside pages it is listed with the original title 'Twin Peaks Morning Mirror'.

In fact this original title is listed through this issue. Click images to enlarge.

Front cover:

Back Cover:

For our readers, we present the front page feature article in full. We hope you enjoy:

'Dashing Dougie Does It Again!'

Here is a rather amusing movie review. Although it appears in issue one of the TPG, the name of the theatre has changed. Also new is the name of the street the theatre is located on!

Six of the 12 pages are blank. In fact there is a still of Jacoby holding this very same issue. The still was later used for his column 'What's Up, Doc?' in the three issues that ended up being published.

More discoveries in 2013...

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