Twin Peaks Episode #006 - The Rough Cut


Recently on a trip to Los Angeles to interview cast and crew members for an upcoming Twin Peaks project, I made several wonderful and strange discoveries. The others we can get into later, for now let's talk about two amazing rough edits of Twin Peaks episodes that, quite honestly, shouldn't really exist anymore. Most of these early cuts were tossed or erased. As Season Two rolled around and secrecy was increased, this further placed a lid on the possibility of artifacts like these surviving the years. The Rough Edit to #007 was discovered as well and we'll cover that in a few weeks. For now, let's talk about this most amazing Twin Peaks artifact...

Notes: No music is included in #006. The recording is on VHS tape and is timecoded in the upper right portion of the screen. The tape is dated 1/22/90


Scene One.


Audrey Oggles Over Cooper.

No significant differences apart from more sniffles from Audrey.

Notes: It should be noted that in the script to #006, Audrey and Cooper share a mildly flirtatious breakfast in the Great Northern Dining Room instead of a bedside talk. There is no mention of Coop discovering Audrey in his bed.

Scene Three.

Lucy Cold Shoulders Andy - Her Doctor Calls. Coop Enters.

We hear no voice on Lucy's phone.

Cooper's whistle is not dubbed and is lower and rougher.

Scene Four.

Waldo Is Examined. He Could Have The Answers.

Truman's line "Ya, there's some in the bottom of the fridge" is a different vocal take.

"These just came in from your office. Well, forensics confirms that Leo Johnson had three guests to his cabin, Laura Palmer, Ronette Polaski and Leo Johnson." These lines by Hawk and Cooper are different vocal takes. Also, Waldo The Bird is being loud during this take. This probably explains why it was dubbed later.

When Harry looks at the evidence he only says 'One Eyed Jacks'. In the transmitted version he says "Thousand dollar chip from One Eyed Jacks"

Scene Five, FiveA.

Leo Hears About The Minah Bird And Sees Bobby Enter His House.

No graphics on Leo's telescope sight.

On Leo's police scanner, "Better call Hawk on that one" is missing.

In the transmitted version, we hear Lucy on the scanner say:

Lucy: "Bird seed? No, this bird eats fruit. The Sheriff says it's a witness. No, not just because it saw something, because it talks! (unintelligble) Apple..."

In the Rough Edit, we hear different dialog at a normal sound level:

Lucy: "I don't know why, but the Sheriff wants more fruit. Mynah birds eat fruit. This is a weird bird! It's a talking bird. The Sheriff says it's almost a witness or something.

Notes: This is our first big difference between the transmitted and Rough Edited versions. Clearly these takes were all sourced from the same wild lines session. Here is the scripted version:

Scene Six.

Shelly tells Bobby that she shot Leo.

Notes: No differences.

Scene Seven.

Donna, Maddy and James listen to Laura's tape.

Notes: No significant changes. The scene cuts and does not fade.


Scene Ten.

Audrey displays her sales technique.

Transmitted Version:

Theodora Ridgely: "This won't do, I want something more fruity. As in fruit. I'm not making myself clear. I want a scent that makes a statement. I don't appreciate your attitude.

Rough Edit:

(Radically different voice)

Theodora Ridgely: "Young lady, I want something more fruity! Yes! That's certainly not it, I want something that makes a statement. Don't get uppity with me young lady."

Notes: Again, we have a scene with different lines and a voice change from Theodora Ridgely that has to heard to be believed. I'm certain that another voice is used then what we hear on screen. Let's take a look at the script:

Scene Twelve, TwelveA, TwelveB.

Audrey Spies On Battis' Recruitment.

Transmitted Version:

Battis: "Right this way Jenny. I hope things are going well for you. We have something really special to talk about today! Here we are, come right in, my my, you look lovely. Sit, sit!

Jenny: "Thank you mister Baddis!"

Rough Edit: "Right this way Jenny. Right this way Jenny. Come right in, my my you look lovely! Sit, sit.

Jenny: "Thank you mister Baddis."

More and louder sound effects of Jenny unwrapping the unicorn.

In the transmitted version as Baddis leads Jenny off to find something more elegant, we hear him tell her, "How do you fell about green silk..." This is missing in the rough edit.

As Audrey looks through Baddis' Black Book, she says "Ronette Palaski". In the Rough edit, she just says "Ronette". It should be noted that it is a different vocal take.

Notes: This is a typical scene in that the final version is spruced up with careful attention to music and additional dialog dubs.

Scene Sixteen.

Hank Thanks Shelly. Truman Reminds Him Of His Paroles.

Transmitted version:

Truman: "A present? Like Christmas?

Cooper: "Oh man! That hits the spot. Nothing like a great cup of black coffee." *akward, comes close to the cut.

Rough Edit:

"Oh man! That hits the spot. Oh man!"

Notes: The addition of a dubbed "Nothing like a great cup of black coffee" in the transmitted version is slightly awkward as there is not quite enough time to fit it in comfortably before the next scene.

Scene Thirteen.

Audrey Gets Blackies Number From Jenny.

Notes: No differences.

Scene Seventeen.

Ed Reassures A Very Depressed Nadine.

Transmitted version:

Chet: "I wasn't fooling Montana!"

Nadine: "You show 'em Chet. You show all of 'em."

Announcer: "Tune in tommarrow for Invitation To Love."

Rough Edit:

Chet: "I wasn't fooling Montana!"

Nadine: " You show 'em Chet. You show all of 'em."

(Gunshot is a low pop - undubbed)

Montana's grunt as he's shot is missing.

Announcer: "Invitation To Love - will return"

Notes: Besides the usual dubbing differences, we have a different voiceover for the ITL tag.

Scene Nineteen, NineteenA.

Josie Tells Harry That Cath. And Ben Are Plotting.

Notes: No differences.

Notes: Between acts Two and Three we get a silent static 'bumper' shot in addition to the Commercial screen holder:


Scene Twenty.

Oral Surgeons Off To Party. Harry Is Worried About Josie.

Notes: No background chatter as Audrey phones the front desk.

Scene Twenty-Five.

Cath. Discovers Ben Has Insured Her.

Notes: Insurance paperwork is not visually highlighted.

Scene Twenty-Seven.

Audrey Slips A Note Under Coop's Door.

Notes. No differences.

Scene Twenty-Eight.

As Big Ed admires Cooper's briefcase of Fake Mustashes, Ed remarks: "Wow! Look at all this." This is missing in the Rough Edit.

Cooper's microphone feedback is different and appears to be a siren signal from a bullhorn.

Scene Thirty.

Somebody Shot Waldo!!! They Listen To His Last Words.

As we pan across the donuts and up to Waldo, the transmitted version brings up Cooper cassette recorder capturing Waldo saying:

Waldo: "Laura. Laura. (Wolf Whistle)

Rough Edit:

Waldo chirps and the recorder starts.

The gunshot is less loud on the Rough Edit.

Rough Edit has Truman's and Lucy's cassette recordings at normal voice level.

Waldo: "No Waldo! (Two bird chirps) (Wolf Whistle) Laura, Laura! Don't go there! (Two bird chirps) Hurting me. Hurting me. Stop it, stop it! (Bird chirp) Stop it! (Bird sound) Leo no! Leo No!"

Waldo: "(Bird chirp) (Unintelligible) That's not funny! (Bird Chirp) That's not funny! Don't go there! Don't go there! Stop it! (Bird chirp) That's not funny! (Bird chirp) Stop it! Stop it! (Four bird chirps) Leo no! Leo no! Leo no!

Laura/Waldo voice on the recorder is at normal sound level.

Notes: The voice of Waldo/Laura is startlingly altered in the rough edit. It still sounds as though Sheryl Lee voiced it, however, it is a completely different take on voicing Waldo. "That's Not Funny" is said several times and does not appear in the transmitted version, although it's in the script:


Scene Thirty-Eight.

Cooper Meets Blackie.

As Coop and Ed walk past two of the 52-Pick-Up's Cooper says some thing like "Hey Girls" but it's hard to tell.

Notes: when we cut to Hawk in the truck, the conversation from Cooper stops.

Scene Fourty-Six.

Maddy Sneaks Out Without Seeing Leland.

Notes: As Maddy creeps down the stairs, the clock strikes much more LOUDLY than the transmitted version.

Scene Fourty-Nine, Fourty-NineA.

James Is Surprised By The Girls Arrival. Bobby Spies.

After James sees Maddy as Laura for the first time, he let's his breath out with a subtle sigh.

Scene Fourty-Three, Fourty-Four.

Jerry Is Pumped About The Deal. Ben Calls Josie.

Notes: No differences.

Scene Fourty-Four.

Josie Gets Ben's Call. Hank Is Visiting.

Notes: No differences.

Scene Thirty-Five.

Audrey Signs Up.

Notes: No differences.

Scenes Thirty-Nine, Fourty and Fourty-One.

Gambling Antics. Cooper Meets Jacques.

Notes: No differences.

Scene Fifty-One, Fifty-Two.

Jacoby Watches ITL and "Laura" Calls.

In Jacoby's office, the ITL narration stops after his phone rings.

There is no "Gazebo" voiceover from Jacoby.

'Laura's' voice at normal level when she calls Jacoby.

No "Wait, wait!" heard from Jacoby as 'Laura' hangs up the phone.

Jacoby let's out a heavy breath when he watches the 'Laura' video.

Scene Fifty-Two, Fifty-TwoA, Fifty-TwoB.

Bobby Spies As The Trio Con Jacoby. Someone Else Is Watching Too.

James' bike is noticeably louder.

Scene Fifty-Three.

Donna And James Sneak Into Jacoby's While Bobby Plants Coke.

When Bobby says "Say goodbye James" it is a live alternate take. The transmitted version is dubbed.

The ending has a hard cut and is not a fade. There are no credits, but there is a rough Worldvision and Lynch/Frost logo ident.

Final thoughts:

Here at TPA, we've never turned down an opportunity to preserve a little piece of Twin Peaks history. This Rough Edit of episode #006 is no exception. Several scenes with significant differences stand out. The voiceover from Lucy in Leo's truck and Audrey's woeful attempt at customer service come to mind. For us though, these scene of a tape recorded Waldo with alternate voice and lines is a true standout. As we mentioned at the start, this tape shouldn't exist. But it does. Rescued. And we're not done yet...

Join us in a few weeks as we examine the Rough Edit to Twin Peaks Episode #007.

Laura Palmer and Patsy Cline fans take note.

P.S. We've been contacted by an organization that is interested in screening these episodes, we will keep you up to date on that front.


Lili said...

My God, I CANNOT believe you found these tapes ! It's amazing to think there's still so much Twin Peaks stuff around and we don't know it... Thanks so much for all this analysis of the #006 rough edit !

Jerry Horne said...

Lili - trust me, it's truly a race against time to save this video material. I've already discovered some rare TP tapes that are unplayable. Heartbreaking.

Lili said...

Yeah, I'm sure it is ! And thanks for all the time and effort you put into it.

Ow, it's too bad for the unplayable TP tapes... May I ask where you found all this rare video material ?

Jerry Horne said...

Lili - I find most of this stuff in the collections of cast & crew from Twin Peaks and ABC.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me a Blu-Ray release is coming.... the "project" you're working on, coupled with the fact that some Scandinavian DVD stores have been showing a Blu-Ray series release page... look it up on

Jerry Horne said...

I wish I could say that my interviews had anything to do with a Blu release. Alas, the last I had contact with CBS was in 2010 purely as a consultant to a possible Blu release. I haven't heard much since.

Then again, If I knew something I'd probably have to lie about it.


Jakub said...

2 months passed... Anytime soon episode 7?

Jerry Horne said...

Hopefully soon. I've just got slammed with other projects...