'Laura Palmer's Theme' 15 Track Bundle Now Up!!

(For anyone who downloaded this bundle in the first 10 hours or so, please see the important message below (*) via Dugpa.)

This week's Twin Peaks musical release from David Lynch Dot Com is a real treat. We are treated to a massive 15 track bundle of previously unreleased versions of 'Laura Palmer's Theme'. Need we say more? Download now!


Just got word back from Dean:

Just wanted to let you know that there was a slight error made in last nights bundle...in case you may have downloaded it prior to this morning around 9:45. For anyone who downloaded last night, they would have received a track labeled 'Laura Palmer's Theme (Piano A) TK4' and it would have had an instance of DAT-originated digital distortion. In actuality, 'TK4' was actually a redundant 'TK3'... it was a reprint mislabeled as a take. To correct this, everyone should simply delete their existing 'TK4' and rename the track that is labeled 'TK5' as 'TK4.' This has been corrected for all future downloads.

Last night's download/early this morning would look like the following:

Laura Palmer's Theme (Piano A) TK1
Laura Palmer's Theme (Piano A) TK2
Laura Palmer's Theme (Piano A) TK3
Laura Palmer's Theme (Piano A) TK4 - Delete...this track is actually a duplicate of 'TK3,' but with a drop-out
Laura Palmer's Theme (Piano A) TK5 - Rename this track to 'TK4,' as it is the actual take that follows 'TK3'
Laura Palmer's Theme (Piano B) TK1
Laura Palmer's Theme (Piano B) TK2

Hope this clears things up.


Ross said...

Fantastic. Thanks god for Dean & the TP Archive.

Jerry Horne said...

Amen Brother!

Ross said...

So great to finally have the Caroline version and the (real) Letter To Harold in good quality!!

Jerry Horne said...

For sure! The Vibraphone is real nice surprise as well! Love the Caroline version. I was wondering if maybe the bootleg version was all we were going to get there for awhile. Going to take the next week for all this to sink in!

Ross said...

Yeah- love hearing the full Vibraphone version for the first time. I need to make a "Letter For Harold" TV Mix now.

Jerry Horne said...


Anonymous said...

My updated download came through with two "Piano A" tracks labeled "TK4". When the folder unzips it prompts to replace one with the other.
Any ideas about which is the correct one?
(I assume the one with the different track time from TK3--1:14 instead of 1:13)
Anyone else experience this?