Exclusive Hannah Kozak interview!

Photo courtesy of Hannah Kozak (c) All Rights Reserved

Hannah Kozak is a veteran Hollywood stunt performer who has worked on some of Hollywood's bigger hits, including Charlie Wilson's War, Transformers and the upcoming Iron Man. Oh, and she also worked on Twin Peaks, Wild At Heart, FWWM and Two Moon Junction...

Twin Peaks Archive: How/why did you first get into stunt work?

Hannah Kozak: I trained with Paul Stader (Erroll Flynn & Johnny Weissmuller''s stunt double) He taught me fencing, fighting, boxing and high falls. I broke into stunt work in 1984 after apprenticing with one of Hollywood's top 3 stunt women; Victoria Vanderkloot. Victoria could do anything any stunt man could do and she did it with a smile. I was and am very blessed to have had her friendship and guidance throughout my career.
Photo courtesy of Hannah Kozak (c) All Rights Reserved

I always wanted to be a stunt woman since I was a little girl. I can remember a garage in back of our 2nd home. I used to run as fast as I could and jump off, rolling onto the ground. I recently found out my father used to do the same thing when he was a little boy growing up in Poland. Genetics!

My first job was in a Michael Cimino film called "Year of the Dragon".
New York City in the middle of winter and I was doing car hits in a silver mini skirt and high heels. It was quite an introduction into stuntwork.

Photo by Hannah Kozak (c) All Rights Reserved

Twin Peaks Archive: Have you ever been seriously injured on the job?

Hannah Kozak: Yes, I broke both feet jumping out of a helicopter onto the tallest building in Downtown Los Angeles.

Twin Peaks Archive: How did you end up working on Twin Peaks? Can you tell us what you did on the show?

Hannah Kozak: I was called to work on Twin Peaks by the stunt coordinator. I believe it was Jon Epstein. I doubled Madchen Amick in a scene where she is with her boyfriend Leo. I ran into the room and crashed over a wheelchair and also was trying to get away from him when he hurls me across the room.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Kozak (c) All Rights Reserved

Twin Peaks Archive: You also worked on Wild At Heart...

Hannah Kozak: I was called to work on Wild at Heart by the stunt coordinator Jeff Smolek. I doubled Isabella Rossellini. Isabella was a honor to work with. From what I've read about her mother, she is so much like her. Professional and humble. Qualities that my mentor has as well. I did the driving car hit as well as another scene that was cut.

Twin Peaks Archive: Can you tell us what work you did on Twin Peaks: FWWM?

Hannah Kozak: Yes, I was hired by Jeff Smolek; stunt coordinator. I doubled the girl that was in the train (Ronette) and fell out. We shot that in the middle of Washington State. I was in a negligee. Ouch. David Lynch is a gentle man and a pleasure to work with. After I fell out of the train, he said very calmly and nicely "Good work, Hannah".

Photo by Hannah Kozak (c) All Rights Reserved

Twin Peaks Archive: You seem to have worked a lot with people and films from the David Lynch Universe (Twin Peaks, Wild At Heart, Fire Walk With Me, Lara Flynn Boyle in The Temp and Wayne's World, Sherilyn Fenn in Two Moon Junction, Dream Lover w/ Madchen...) Coincidence?

Hannah Kozak: Yes I think it was coincidence. I just happened to be a good size to double some of the smaller actresses. I doubled Madchen Amick again on Dream Lover. I doubled Lara Flynn Boyle more than any of them. Wayne's World, The Temp, Past Tense. Lara is a sweet girl with a big heart. She used to give me her clothes that she no longer wanted.

Twin Peaks Archive: What's next?

Hannah Kozak: God Only Knows. (Hannah does stunts on the upcoming 'Iron Man' in 2008)

We thank Hannah for her time and pictures!

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