Twin Peaks Location Visit 9-1-15

It is happening right now!! Let's start things right off with an item many residents in town are talking about. A business owner told me that some shooting has already taken place that just could be Twin Peaks related. Apparently it took place in the middle of the night and it was of a man riding a horse on train tracks. He was filmed putting on and removing his hat multiple times. Is it a promo? Stay tuned.

The most exciting thing I witnessed as I rode into town was the work that was being done on the sign right in front of 'Twede's' AKA The RR Diner. A worker was removing all of the neon and the newer Twede's sign (revealing an older one) Some newer light bulbs seemed to have been installed. As I was inside drinking some coffee, it was quite apparent to me that five or six crew members were having breakfast right next to me. I overheard someone say "RR Sign", so yes it's only a matter of time before it goes up completely. Also of note is a remark I overheard tht in the back there is a crew work schedule with certain days marked as 'Closed days'. Later on in the day, a business owner told us that she was told that that Twede's would close during the work for renovation but reopen during the weekends as they can get quite busy. Busy? Just wait until the series airs. I honestly never thought this would happen.

I had actually started at the Salish and the falls, but it was very quiet with no action going on. I would have loved to seen them do some filming there but it was not to be.

Whilst I was at The Double RR, I hooked up with longtime fan 'Birchy' and we decided to take a Ben & Jerry style Road Trip (sans One Eyed Jacks alas) Our first stop was the amazing 'Wild Hare Vintage' antique store at 8050 Railroad Ave SE in Snoqualmie. Why was it amazing? Because as we were there, it was pretty obvious that two Twin Peaks crew members were there buying up the place! The owners were careful not to reveal anything, but they were very friendly. Want some Twin Peaks atmosphere? This is the place you need to be at pronto. You never know who you might run into. At this point I should mention something that Birchy brought to my attention. Across the street from The Double RR is a building with no sign on the door. The windows are blocked off and there was clearly activity going on inside there. It could be nothing, but one wonders if it could be the location production office. It's a mystery. *UPDATED* A sign next door has been put up that reads "Run Silent, Run Drapes"!!!

Up next, we headed up to the Sheriff Station, now known as the Dirtfish Rally School. Despite the cold and rainy day, there was a group of folks ready to romp around in the mud. We went inside and checked things out. Totally cool to see inside the station with the conference rooms still there. The lady at the front desk was very nice. When we asked if the crew had been there to shoot or scout, she lowered her voice and said she couldn't say anything about it. This of course was total confirmation that they had! We'll see.

Time for lunch. We heeded to the Fall City Roadhouse for some lovely food. We asked around if the crew had been around and the answer was a resounding yes! Apparently they took a massive amount of photos of the exterior and were even measuring things like the handrails outside the building (!) It should be noted that the original 'Book House Boys' building is right next door. Oh and Diane, that Caesar salad with blackened steelhead should not be missed!

Alas, this was only a day trip for me so only one more stop was in order. Yep, time to check on those drapes. We headed up to the Hurley house, which is right next to Big Ed's Gas Farm of course. The owner had previously stated that the production crew had wanted a new fence installed. Well, what do you know? It has begun.

A rumor reached us that David Lynch was at the Double RR, so we winged it back as fast as we could, but by the time we got there, he was gone. Or he was never there. He was certainly close by.

Stay tuned. Another report is coming soon...

Special thanks to Birchy and Mister Fyre!


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