It's A Beautiful World - Review

In late 2009, David Lynch traveled to India for ten days to prepare for a film about Transcendental Meditation founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Equally as important and tied into that task, Mr. Lynch retraced the steps of a young pre-TM Maharishi from one end of India to the other. Also in attendance was Richard Beymer whom David Lynch invited to shoot behind-the-scenes footage. This documentary is the result of that trip.

There are plenty of documentaries out there about David Lynch. David the painter, David the filmmaker etc. What has been missing, until now, is a documentary about David Lynch the person. I'm not saying that Mr. Lynch is the focus of this film. However, for once, David is captured on camera involved in a subject matter larger than himself. One of the wonderful things about 'It's a Beautiful World' (and there are many) is seeing the absolute joy and awe that Mr. Lynch expresses as he is able to spend some time in a tiny room that The Maharishi spent two years in silence in, or visiting the former hall where he gave his first lecture. Clearly Mr. Lynch is very authentic and earnest in his belief and respect towards Transcendental Meditation. There are no serious and stifling speeches here. Nothing phony is on display. Oh and don't worry, there are some great stories and talk about Eraserhead and Twin Peaks. This is a film with something to offer everyone.

Richard does a wonderful job behind the camera. Because of his strong friendship with Lynch, access is absolute and Lynch is indeed so enthusiastic that, although they only have a little more than a week, they fly, drive and trek through an impressive amount of space in the time given, all the while taking the time to appreciate the primary reason why they were there. Beymer's occasional commentary is clear and concise.
Different people will get different things out of 'It's a Beautiful World'. What I got was an incredibly positive and human portrait of a man that is not playing the part of an artist, but a man who is part of something much bigger.

Rating: A

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