An Ending...

"To beginnings ... and endings. And the wisdom to know the difference..."
 Andrew Packard

 The final release in the 'Twin Peaks Archive' series of Twin Peaks musical tracks by Angelo Badalamenti over at David Lynch Dot Com has finally arrived. Composed primarily of demos, the series ends on a high note. For more in-depth discussion of tonights release plus everything released thus far, please head on over to Dugpa Dot Com.

 We're crossing our fingers for the complete soundtrack to 'On The Air' or 'Hotel Room' next. Stay tuned!

- Falling into Love Theme (Demo)
- Love Theme Slower and Darker (Demo)
- Slow Cool Jazz (Demo)
- Chinese Theme (Demo)
- Wide Vibrato Augmented Chords (Demo)
- Night Walk (Demo)
- Low Wide and Beautiful (Demo)
- Wide Vibrato Mood to Falling (Demo)
- Love Theme to Falling (Demo)
- Love Theme Light (Demo)
- Questions in a World of Blue (Demo)
- Love Theme from 'On The Air' (Take 4)
- Love Theme from 'On The Air' (Slow Jazz Version)
- Love Theme from 'On The Air' (Clarinet Strings)


Ross said...

It has been an amazing year+!! Never thought we'd get all of these tracks. Of course since there are a bunch of tracks from the bootlegs that never got released, one wonders what else slipped by. Nonetheless, AMAZING. Especially for fans like you and me, Jerry, who had been talking about this before it became a reality.

And the Andrew "toast" quote is one of my favorite lines.

Ross said...

One last bunch of covers:

Jerry Horne said...

Ross, I couldn't have said it any better. I don't plan on taking this music for granted. I'll always treasure the tracks. It's been an honor to go through these releases with you and Qbin etc.

We're not through yet though. Bring on more Badalamenti music!