FWWM 20 Art Show News!!

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From Rob over at the Dugpa board:

Location: Copro Gallery. Opening Reception April 4/21. Show ends 5/12.

Happy New Year! OK, here's the artist roster for the "Fire Walk With Me" Anniversary show in April. This group is really a dream come true:

Brett Amory, Esao Andrews, Glenn Barr, Chris Berens, Chris Buzelli, Tim Biskup, Andrew Brandou,
Scott Campbell, Amy Casey, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Paul Chatem, Sas Christian, Lori Earley, James Hahn,
Ryan Heshka, Stella Im Hultberg, Jessica Joslin, Andy Kehoe, Josh Keyes, Frank Kozik, Chris Mars, Dan May,
Tara McPherson, Margaret Meyer, Billy Norrby, Annie Owens, Carlos Ramos, Matt Rota,
Shag, Anna Skarbek, Owen Smith, Brian Viveros, Eric White, Pamela Wilson, Martin Wittfooth, and Chet Zar.

As with the last exhibition, we will be showing some of David's and Richard Beymer's work. And this time we're really excited that James Marshall is going to be doing a piece as well (thanks to Jerry and the Twin Peaks Archive for the introduction!)... Also, as previously mentioned, we'll be showing some of Bruce Bickford's "Twin Peaks" sculptures (and Bruce is going to be doing some new stuff too).

Thanks again for all of your support in 2011. More info soon...


Autumn_Kid said...

Ok, Jerry Fair Warning! Prepare to be pestered! Woo! Hoo! FWWM 20th!

Anonymous said...

think you should take the cooper laughing pic down - its a spoiler for sure!!!