10 Track Bundle Release From David Lynch Dot Com!!

Make sure and download this fantastic bundle from David Lynch Music Company - it should be the only release this month. Look for the tracks to resume in early November...

Earle's Theme 1:13
Half Speed 5 (Leo's Theme) 3:00
Hank's Theme 1:01
Hank's Theme 2 :31
Invitation To Love (Lovers Dilemma) 2:09
Invitation To Love (Bumper) :08
Invitation To Love Theme :51
Lana's Theme :57
Horne's Theme 1:41
Wheeler's Theme 1:52


Ross said...

So glad to finally have Wheeler's Theme & Earle's Flute! (We need Audrey's Prayer (Earle's Flute Version)!)

Now the long wait til November...

Jerry Horne said...

Earle's version of Audrey's Prayer is actually my no. 1 want!! Bring it on... in November ;)

Let's hope they release that Christmas version of the Main Theme in late December - hope it's still in the archives.

Ross said...

I was just thinking the same thing about the Christmas version!

I hope they release whatever "unused" tracks they have as well. There's a version of "Audrey's Dance" on the bootleg (Fast Flute Version) that is amazing and was (surprisingly) never heard on the show. Would be great to get a better quality version. I wonder if there are any unheard/unused versions of "Audrey's Prayer"?

Jerry Horne said...

I'm sure if the Fast Flute Version is in the archives, Dean will release it.

Audrey's Prayer is in my top 5 tracks so of course I want it! Didn't Dean hint at More Audrey related tracks soon several months ago? What happened there?

Ross said...

I wonder about the hinted at Audrey tracks as well. I guess they are still to come(?) Along with the 2nd Slow/Half Speed bundle.

Jerry Horne said...

C'mon November!! Let's go!